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For a moment there, I was assuming that this was meant to be a commentary of some sort regarding the irony of people wanting to be heroes allowing their greed to make them out as villains instead. Somewhat disappointed that isn't what we got, but I enjoyed it none the less. The sound design is lacking, and I have to point out the masking issue there was near the beginning (5:58). There were one or two cuts that were jarring and I wasn't quite sure what was happening in them. Now, I'll spare you any criticisms regarding the art and color. I'm a shit colorist and even worse artist, so I have no room to talk.
I will say I'm jealous of your ability to make a cartoon as long as this one based on a fun idea and with no dialogue. There are some great designs in here as well.

KeithGarces responds:

Solid critique all around and I agree. Definitely taking these into account for the next thing I'm working on (ESPECIALLY THE SOUND DESIGN.)

Assuming you'd like to read an unbiased opinion, I personally think a video directly referencing your status on Youtube doesn't belong here. Now, little things like "Click that subscribe button," can simply be adjusted to refer to the follow button for videos containing subject matter that makes no difference on what site it's posted on. I have a small but genuine appreciation for that kind of extra work and consideration. Hope you take just a smidgen of influence from this. And don't let the small rating get to you. I can acknowledge the work you put in, I just don't think this video should be present on Newgrounds.

The colors were a bit hard on the eyes when we would be scrolling either sideways or forward. The two green for the grass could have been more muted. Or, at the very least, one shade of green could've done the trick, even though that's not how the grass in Greenhill zone looks. I'm still learning colors myself so I'm not 100% sure if that's the way to go, but that's how I feel.

AnUnfortunateSnuggle responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Tbf, I'm not a trained artist or animator in the slightest, so there is likely to be a lot technically wrong with this haha. I literally just copied the colours of the characters from their respective franchise. That said, the first part of this fight will take place in Pooh's world so that'll be a lot less saturated.

Thanks for the comment!

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Currently, the music is absent. Not sure what happened there, but hopefully you can fix it. Overall, I have very little complaints.

OiPriPri responds:

It seems to happen on chrome, if you reload it with the expand feature it will play. It works fine on firefox.

So far, my only issues are the with the frame rate and sound design. It could be faster and it needs more variety in the sound department. Some fitting looped music could be nice.

What would also make for a nice treat is having the options to adjust these ourselves. I personally think that the allowance to select our desired framerate, categorized as Fast, Normal, and Slow (Slow, in this case, is the current default) would be a fancied addition. As for music, simply the option to turn it off or perhaps to change the station if you find enough loops with the authors' permission to use. Finally, the sounds that are being used sound very stock to me. I would recommend either digging for much higher quality WAVs or using a high-quality microphone (NOT USB) To record your own. I'd like to think of this as an incomplete beta or alpha test. I hope you take my words into consideration. Good luck with any future projects.

This game has a lot of potential to be a very enjoyable and quite addicting experience. However there are a few issues with it that I highly recommend you update.

1: A complete restart is not necessary. That will only frustrate the player.

2: A restart should be instant, not delayed. That will toy with the players patience. This includes the requirement of pausing before doing so.

3: The timer only distracts and rather irritates the player.

Over all it's a good concept. It is fun, but an update to improve those three issues is very necessary.

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My only gripe with this is that I personally think it starts off a little too strong. After the ticking of drum sticks, an almost incomprehensive explosion of loud instruments gives off a very noisy impression. It actually made me worry that the song wasn't going to be to my liking. Thankfully, that is not the case. This one is especially catching when the chorus and has the exact happy vibe that I bet you were aiming for. Definitely going to be to listening to this one a lot. Keep up the great work.

FinnMK responds:

Fair point. I wanted to have an explosive start but it may have been a bit too much. Glad you liked it anyways!

Okay, I keep coming back here to read someone's review, but no one has posted one. I've avoided doing it myself primarily because I'm not a musician. I know nothing about music but you need to know;

This piece is incredible. whether you consider it one song or three, there's no doubting that is absolutely a master piece. I thought Road To Happiness was great, I thought Mad, Mad, Mad was great, but this... This song blows those two out o the water. While both of those two had their own personal emotion attached to them, this one is a frickin' roller coaster. You've proven multiple times now that when you want to convey a particular emotion, you do it. You succeed every single time. This isn't relevant, but I actually put Mad, Mad, Mad, Road to Happiness, and this on my phone so I can listen to them when ever I want. I don't normally feel bad about doing that, since the newgrounds rules say you can download a song and do whatever you want with it as long as you give credit to artist, but you deserve a profit off these, though I've come to the conclusion that you're probably the kind of guy who makes music for the sake of his own love of music. They are absolutely magnificent. Like I said, I'm not a musician, so all I can really do is say "This is awesome" or synonyms of that multiple times.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

FinnMK responds:

Thank you so much. It really means the world to me that you're enjoying my music and that it has such an impact. I'm really excited you describe it as a roller coaster of emotions - that's exactly what it's intended to be!

I'm certainly a guy who makes music for passion - and to satisfy my ever-present inner demons that demand creation - but I'm always happy to have the music purchased. If you ever feel so inclined just head over to my Bandcamp and pay as much as you feel is fair, although I'll always keep all my music free to download on NG.

Thanks again!

This is both hilarious, and (obviously) catchy! Personally, I think you should do more songs like this. Not necessarily songs that are super whimsical, but definitely focus more on the lyrics than the music. Honestly, you're other songs are just kinda noisy to me, but then again I'm not a dubstep fan. I think you have a knack for creating simple comedic songs. I realize there isn't much detail here, primarily because I'm not a musician, so I know little to nothing regarding this topic. Point is, this song rocks hard, the others not so much. I think you should experiment a little more with songs like these.

wywfalcon responds:

I really appreciate you for giving it so much thought! The songs I made span a few different styles. If you liked this one, try "Gotchu" and "Love Your Crap". When I get the chance to, I'll make more songs for sure!

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It definitely pops out compared to your previous drawings. It's more three dimensional and of course has a proper background, giving it more of an atmosphere. My main criticisms are with her head. The hair being in strands feels a bit eerie. As if she applied gel to multiple areas before taking a swim. It also kinda looks like a wig that's floating upward and left to her scalp a bit. Finally, her face feels a bit flat. Other than that, I'd say a good job. It feels like you stepped out of your comfort zone in order to draw this, which I think is great and would recommend you do more in the future.

I'm noticing some improvement in this one. Aside from her mouth and gun, she definitely has a feel of three dimensions to her. Nice job.

The lower half looks like Lust from FMA (03 or Brotherhood) but the top half looks like the lead singer of Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo. Anyhoo, time for actual criticism; Great colors, likable expression, and cool design (even if it looks like tow characters mashed together). I have nothing bad to say. Great work.

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